Black Windows Are Trending!

Why are black windows trending in 2018?

Many homeowners are seeking out modern and contemporary looks when it comes to replacing their windows. Efficiency, functionality, and durability are the three main attributes that every homeowner looks for when they are in the market for new replacement windows, but aesthetic appeal is also important as well.

When black windows are mentioned — usually the first thing that comes to mind are the words modern, contemporary, and industrial. The black windows are becoming more and more popular in the industry today among homeowners. The color black is a perfect complement to traditional, industrial and everyday domestic interiors. The darker window frames pair well with the full spectrum of color and tend to highlight the smaller details throughout the interior of the rooms. The color black also adds just enough contrast to help define the space in the rooms.

The black window frames are great to work with when it comes to color application. No matter where, or what environment the black windows are installed in, everything adjacent to them is a compliment. The black window frames highlight the view from your window — creating a picture-frame look to also compliment the outside. At the same time, the frames can also simulate a disappearing act, allowing the homeowner to focus solely on the outside view without being interrupted by the actual structure of the window frames.

Every home improvement project is an investment — whether it is for financial gain or aesthetic please — homeowners continue to seek out simplicity, efficiency, functionality, and beauty. Expect windows and doors to be no exception to that investment.

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