Tips On Winterizing Your Home

It’s Fall, here are some tips on winterizing your home in preparation of the cold and freezing weather. See what to look out for and learn how you can winterize your roof, windows, doors, and gutters before the winter season hits.

Roofing System

Inspecting your roofing system is important before the winter season. If you are not comfortable inspecting the roofing system yourself, you can always hire a roofing contractor to inspect it for you. What to look for;

  • Make sure all flashing around chimney’s and other roof projections are properly in place. Area’s that have damaged or poor flashing will cause leaking.
  • Replace any damaged, brittle or missing shingles from your roof.
  • Your gutters and downspouts play a vital role in your roofing system. Treat these just like your actual roofing, windows, and doors. Clear any debris from in or around your gutters and downspouts. This can be done by hiring a handy-man or by doing it yourself. Cleaning out your gutter system will significantly decrease the weight of your gutter when the freezing weather hits, and prevent ice dams from forming due to clogged gutters from debris back-up.

Windows & Doors

Gaps in your windows and doors will allow cold air to infiltrate the interior of your home and allow warm air to escape. By caulking your windows and replacing your weatherstripping, homeowners can save hundreds of dollars on heating expenses and significantly reduce drafts. Doors can be treated the same way by replacing the weatherstripping on the side and bottom of the doors. Also, if your windows are not energy efficient, be sure to contact a local window installer to get a free estimate on replacement windows. Installing new, energy efficient, double-paned windows will significantly reduce heating bills and keep out unwanted drafts from entering your home.

Follow these tips on winterizing your home and prepare for the winter season and the harsh weather that comes with it. Save money on heating costs, prevent future damages and prevent any unwanted drafts from entering your home this season.

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