What is Argon-gas? Why Is It Used To Fill Windows? 

Learn more about why window contractors buy replacement windows filled with argon-gas.

Argon-gas is filled into a sealed unit that is located between the 2 panes of glass of a window. The gas is non-toxic and odorless. It highly benefits the homeowner because of the increase in energy efficiency. The gas also prevents frost from forming at the bottom of the glass, and also gives sound proofing characteristics. The Argon-filled windows are becoming popular among many homeowners, and in some areas, are required by state law. The reason why these windows are important is because they are energy star rated and they offer better insulation due to the gas being heavier than air.

Just like every other product and material that is offered on the market, Argon gas has its pro’s and con’s. Some pros to argon gas are as followed;

  • Increased R-values, (The value of thermal resistance. The higher the number, the more efficient the window is.)
  • Soundproofing characteristics,
  • Reduces the possibility of condensation and frost,
  • It can be used in all climates due to the gas being sealed in-between the panes of glass, creating a leak proof barrier,
  • It has the ability to block ultra violet rays,
  • Over time, the additional cost spent on argon-gas will be recouped in a fairly short time,
  • Argon-gas can be put into all different commercial sized windows depending on how they are going to be used,
  • Argon will never corrode the window,
  • and lastly,in home heating and cooling systems are able to perform more efficiently when the argon-gas is present inside a window.

Here are some con’s about argon-gas filled windows are as followed;

  • Windows that are not sealed properly, will result in the leaking of argon gas. Unfortunately you will not notice it right away,
  • Once a significant portion of the gas is lost from the unit, you will begin to see condensation build up inside the window, indicating seal failure,

Ultimately, homeowners are able to benefit off the energy efficiency and the cost savings that argon gas offers.

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