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Wisteria Point Condominiums, located in Weymouth, Massachusetts, is comprised of 5 Buildings totaling 100 Units. After about 30+ years, these condominiums needed a dire renovation to the exterior envelope. Specifically, this condominium association became interested in finding our roofing company local to South Shore, Massachusetts.

The Condo association considered various roofing options but ultimately went with CertainTeed Landmark Pro Moire Black Architectural shingles. 

They chose the shingle because of its 50-Year SureStart Plus warranty and CertainTeed’s reliable roofing materials. In addition to CertainTeed’s SureStart Plus warranty and roofing accessories, we offer an in-house labor warranty of 10 years here at Reliable! 

Extensive Amount Of Wood Rot

Soon after the approval from the condominium association, our roofers began stripping the old asphalt shingles. While denying the old roofing shingles, we noticed a significant amount of wood rot. As a result, we notified the management. 

Homeowners and condo associations often ask us the question; how to repair rotting wood without replacing it? We immediately educate them on the importance of replacing the wood rot. 

Specifically, we explain that the rotting wood will not securely hold the new material in place, resulting in blown-off shingles, damage, and leaking of the new roof. We keep the roof under warranty after replacing the rotting wood. Shockingly we found much-rotted wood. Out of the five buildings, approximately 1/5 needed new plywood, which adds up to around 101 sq.

Thankfully, these folks didn’t bat an eye and gave us the OK to remove and replace any wood rot.

Roof installer inspecting wood rot at a condominium building in weymouth, Massachusetts.

Replacement Skylights By Velux

Next was the installation of new Velux skylights. Specifically, we provided options for both fixed and operating models, allowing each unit owner to make a decision that best suited their needs.

Velux’s No Leak Promise guarantees that their skylights will remain leak-free for ten years. Owners can rest assured that their homes are protected from potential water damage and other worries. Plus, some of these new skylights qualify for a generous 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit – making them more accessible than ever before! Now, these lucky homeowners can soak up the sun and enjoy a refreshing breeze.

Roof Replacement Using CertainTeed’s Integrity Roofing System

Lastly, with the Velux skylights in place, our roofers began preparing the finishing touches to the roof deck utilizing CertainTeed’s Integrity Roofing System. Specifically, these accessories are made up of ice and water barrier, underlayment, drip edge, starter shingles, ridge vents, and hip and ridge caps. After prepping the roof deck, our roofing crews began installing CertainTeed’s Moire Black Architectural shingles. 

As stated above, the Integrity Roofing System, in addition to Reliable being a certified contractor with CertainTeed, offers this condo association a SureStart Plus 50-Year warranty. In addition to our in-house 10-year labor warranty.

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