Deck & Porches in Massachusetts

Decks and porches can add value to a home, at the same time, increasing the living space without the expense of adding a room. Reliable Window and Siding offer’s deck & porch installation at an affordable cost.


Return On Investment

Are you looking to add to the exterior of your home? Decks and porches could be the answer to your next exterior renovation project. Decks and porches can cost on average, $6000-10,000+, depending on the materials, accessories, and design features you may want. 

Compared to an addition to a home, building a deck costs a lot less, giving homeowners a big return on investment. Keep in mind, not all decks are valued the same, but the average reported return on investment for a new deck is about 70%. Many factors play a role in determining the return on your investment. Those factors can be, but not limited to, your location, the materials that are used, and the design of the decking.

Decking Material

The return on investment is heavily determined by the decking materials used. Quality wood materials have the highest ROI, while composite decking materials are about 15-20% less.


The greatest value in a deck is when it is big enough to use as entertainment space for cookouts and other social events. Many homeowners look for decks to enjoy a nice day out in the sun, barbecuing on the grill, and hosting social events with friends and family. This means your deck should be able to incorporate a grill, large table with chairs, and perhaps some storage.


Location, location, location. If your home is located in a region that gets warm weather and sun year around, for example; Texas, California, and Florida, its likely your deck will be more attractive to prospective buyers. Alternatively, when it comes to colder regions, a deck may not be as appealing. If a homeowner lives in a region that is cold and gets snow frequently, buyers may not look at it as a feature they are willing to pay top dollar for.

Accessing The Deck

The access to your decks and porches can play a big role in determining the overall value of your return on investment. Accessing a deck from a first-floor kitchen or living room area may be a lot more impressive to potential buyers than say, a deck that is built off of a bedroom or second floor. Having a deck installed right outside your kitchen is most desirable because of the easy access it allows when bringing out food and other items to family and guests.


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