Larson Storm Doors

Larson Storm Doors

Larson Storm Doors

Larson storm doors offer customers, contractors, and architects groundbreaking and innovative designs to complete any entry door renovation. Also, Larson makes it effortless when choosing the right color palette, design options, and door size. See some highlighted features below with storm doors by Larson.

Storm Door Styles, Colors, and Options

Hidden Closer Feature

Have you ever wished the pump on your storm door was more ascetically pleasing? Well, look no further. Larson storm doors offer a hidden closer called Click&Hold that is built into the storm door. The system is manufactured out of professional-grade material and is built to withstand 5X more force than the traditional pumps. The hidden closer is concealed in the top header of the door, enhancing the view from the inside-out.

The Click and Hold design, using an audible catch and release, ensure the door is held in place when it’s open. The door also boasts a thick, maintenance-free aluminum frame (1-5/8 in), and an overlapping edge with dual weatherstripping for a tight and reliable seal. The doors come with a QuickFit handle set of your choice and have eight different finishes to best match your home.


There are two types of door openers for storm doors. The first one is a “hold-open button” closer, and the second one is a “standard” closer. For the “hold-open button” closer, you want to open the door to the desired position. Once the door is opened to its desired location, press the button to hold the door in an open position. For the “standard” closer, you want to open the door into the desired position. Once the door is opened to its desired position, slide the washer on the closer towards the tube. This will lock the door in place. To close the storm door, open the door past the desired position to release the “hold-open” or “standard” locking mechanism.

Larson storm Screen Away doors feature screens that purposely blow out from heavy winds or when force is applied. This feature prevents the screen and the track from becoming damaged from any excessive pressure.

If the screen will not retract, it is best first to reset the screen balance mechanism. If the screen still doesn’t retract, see if the screen-roll came loose from its brackets. Lastly, another solution to the screen not retracting is to check the fray on the edge of the screen. Sometimes screen thread gets caught in the roll, thus preventing the screen from retracting.

Doors that feature a Reversa Screen allow half screens to be installed from the top or bottom of the storm door.

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