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Are Multi Panel Patio Doors A Right Fit For Your Home?

These multi-panel patio door systems allow homeowners to blend the interior and exterior of their homes effortlessly. Furthermore, these systems come in a multi-panel unit that stacks on either side of the opening and can also come in a single panel unit that pivot’s to allow unobstructed views. Additionally, homeowners can buy these units in various designs, such as; folding-stackable doors, sliding-stackable doors, and pivot doors.

Multi Panel Patio Door Benefits

These multi-panel doors come in several different materials: wood, vinyl, composite, aluminum, or fiberglass. Additionally, these door styles consist of traditional, contemporary, and custom. Furthermore, each entry door has a maximum height and maximum width. Usually, multi-panel doors have a height of 10 feet and a total width of 48 feet. In addition, the track systems are available in two-, three-, and four-track configurations and multi-panel door systems are energy-star qualified. Lastly, the slider door panels eliminate the impact of moisture and rot to ensure complete protection against any inclement weather.

Different Panel Door Styles

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