Sharon, MA Project Overview

For several decades the camp has been offering campers, ages 6 to 12 from all across Massachusetts, the opportunity to experience growth in their relationship with God and with each other. The goal is for campers to learn how to effectively communicate and collaborate on tasks at hand, as well as, build courage, compassion confidence in themselves.

Material Overview

Everlast Advanced Composite Siding

Everlast Composite Siding is made up of a triple-composite formula, yielding the most advanced composite siding and trim products on the market. The composite siding is manufactured with US-sourced materials in addition to inorganic minerals, polymer resins, and acrylic colorants. The process that the siding goes through ensures durable, strong, and safe cellular PVC. Utilizing Chelsea’s cutting-edge process and manufacturing capabilities, the Everlast is then made into planks that are impermeable and resistant to breaking, fading, rotting, and wood-boring insects.

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Lending A Helping Hand

Reliable Window and Siding took a look at thirteen(13) cabins in Sharon, Massachusetts. We started to talk about affordable options while choosing the best product to use for this job. After speaking at length and determining some important factors, we all came to an agreement on Everlast Composite Siding. Those important factors consisted of the lifespan, warranty, and lastly the durability of the product and materials.


The lifespan of Everlast Composite Siding is said to last a lifetime – as long as you don’t change the color. Everlast Siding can be painted, but, you will void any warranties once the paint is applied.


Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original owner with a 100% replacement guarantee*.  Upon Ownership change, the warranty may be transferred to the new owner(s) as a Fifty (50) Year Prorated Warranty.

*Warrants against excessive color change, peeling, flaking, cracking, rusting, blistering, and corroding.


Durability was one of the main factors that came up during initial talks. With the camp being occupied 4 months out of the year, it was important to make sure the siding was also protected against, not only the harsh weather but the kids as well.


We are tasked with stripping the existing siding off of the structures and installing new Everlast Composite Siding on 13 cabins. It is an alternative to fiber-cement board or better known as Hardiplank. The Everlast Composite Siding was chosen due to its durability, low maintenance, and strength. Everlast Siding does not swell and is considered a better product when it comes to moisture resistance.

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