Roof Overlay vs. Roof Replacement


Roof Overlay vs. Roof Replacement

Roofing overlays only provide homeowners with a fresh new layer of shingles, false sense of security, and a bigger expense down the road. A roof overlay is when new asphalt shingles are installed over the existing asphalt shingles with no proper installation of ice and water and underlayment. Overlays can be a cheap, quick, and effective way to install new roofing, but generally this method of application is not a standard practice. Here are three reasons why.

Underlying Damage—

The first problem when installing an overlay is that the roofing system cannot be adequately examined. The decking board or plywood that the existing shingles rest on could be damaged or rotted. If repairs are not made to the damaged or deteriorated decking boards, there is a high likelihood of the roofing system leaking again.

False Sense Of Security—

The second problem when installing an overlay is believing the roof won’t leak anymore. The proper roofing materials need to be used to ensure a sealed and protected roof. For example, ice and water and underlayment, a leak barrier, cannot be installed during an overlay. The reason is that the ice and water need to adhere to the decking boards. Since the decking boards are not exposed, no ice and water are installed.

Bigger Expense Later—

It’s important to remember to think long term. Installing shingles over an already failing roofing system may give the aesthetic look of a new roof, but not the protection of one. Since the decking boards under the first layer was never repaired or replaced, any leaking or water infiltration that was happening before maybe still happening. This will end up causing further damage over time. Roofing overlays have a lifespan of approximately 8-10 years, and homeowners are expected to save as little as 2,000 dollars compared to a full roof replacement. 

Your roofing system is a significant component of your home. It keeps everything from your personal belongings to your floors and drywall protected at all times. Cutting a corner to save a few thousand dollars is not worth it. Replace your roof entirely.

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