Different Types of Synthetic Stone Siding

Are you a homeowner looking to transform the exterior of your home? The ability to install synthetic stone siding opens up endless opportunities in making your home more appealing and giving you a better return on your investment. Stone siding is more cost effective and convienent compared to the real thing. A homeowner can achieve realistic looks just for a fraction of the price, and work.

There are five different types of Synthetic Stone Siding available on the market today. Check out the list below to find out what synthetic stone is right for your home.

Solid Stone Siding

Solid stone siding has been around before homes started to be built. It gives the exterior of the home a natural and authentic look of stone and provides superior durability. With everything else, there are drawbacks. This siding material is excessively heavy, it requires long hours of hand picking, the cost of shipping these materials are expensive, and the time it takes for crews to install it is just too long. In no time, manufactures started to notice these drawbacks and decided to hit the drawing board. The innovative spark came about and manufactures started to produce easy to work with, light weight, and durable alternatives.

Manufactured Stone Siding

Manufactured stone siding is an alternative material to solid stone siding. The purpose of this siding is to achieve the naturally occuring look and durability, while minimizing alot of the limitations that solid stone siding offers. Created with molds that replicate the look of real stone, manufactured stone siding uses individual cement “stones” creating a material that can be installed in the same way solid stone siding is, but without the excessive weight and expensive costs.

Polyurethane-Based Foam Panel ‘Stone’ Siding

A lightweight alternative to solid stone siding is foam panel siding, or also known as, faux stone panel siding. Faux stone siding is made up of densely rendered polyurathane. It is manufactured to be installed in panels and not on a stone-by-stone basis, allowing it to be installed at a quicker pace. The apperances of this type of material is so good that the only way someone would be able to detect it is not real stone is by touching it. Lastly, the material is made to be weather-resistant for a long term lifespan.

Natural Stone Cladding

If you want an option of synthetic stone siding that offers a variety of stone colors and sizes, take a look at some natural stone cladding. Popular types of cladding, like natural stone cladding, comes from granite slabs. Granite is a very dense stone, it helps prevent the stone from cracking and allowing moisture to penetrate. It tends to offer realistic characteristics such as the reflection of irregular contours, much like traditional masonry, and is installed in a staggered pattern – similiar to how brick is laid.

Stone Veneer Panel Siding

If your a homeowner and want the best of all the synthetic siding worlds – you have to look into stone veneer panel siding. This siding is all the above choices in one. The siding is made into panels and offers a variety of natural stone options and is designed to seamlessly click together.

With these synthetic stone options, you are able to retain as much of the real stone qaulities as possible. You get a multi-dimensional textured look and a general surface feel of real stone siding. At the same time, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money, get an easy installation.

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