5 Common Roofing Installation Mistakes That Cause Big Problems

roofing installation

With the median price of a roofing installation running around $8,000 for residential customers, there can be a temptation to go the DIY route. How hard can it be? You lay a few shingles, hammer a few nails or push in a few screws.

If only it were that simple! Many do-it-yourselfers find themselves wishing they’d trusted experts after making some pretty common (and costly) mistakes.

In the following article, we’ll be looking at the five most common roofing installation mistakes. Let’s begin! 

1. Keeping Old Shingles in Place

The first place any new roof installation can go wrong when doing it yourself is the question of what to do with the old shingles. Professionals will remove the old shingle to make room for the new, thus ensuring the proper fit and slope.

Hobbyists, on the other hand, aren’t as precise. They figure the more the merrier, so double layers of protection must be really effective, right? Wrong. 

Nailing or screwing a new shingle over an old one affects how well the roof protects the frame from moisture seepage. It also can cause newer shingles to come loose, leaving the structure more vulnerable. 

2. Shoddy Sealing

Installing roof shingles is a job that requires precision and care. Yet many amateur roofers don’t follow instructions, particularly as it relates to shingle securement.

Rather than follow the instructions, they overdo the caulking or put it in the wrong places, making the roof prone to costly leaks. Considering that your insurance company isn’t necessarily obligated to pay for roofing repairs or installation, you’ll want to make extra certain that you’re not voiding the warranty on any shingles through this misstep.

3. Poor Climate Preparation

A simple guide on how to install a roof won’t go into the deeper details of climate consideration. For example, areas susceptible to extremely cold weather may require extra heat and ventilation to maximize the life of the roof. Overlooking these issues will mean the roof isn’t prepared for extreme weather patterns. 

4. Improper Alignment

Another common mistake of roof installation hobbyists is that they tend to miss the alignment on each shingle. This can mean overlapping shingles either too high or too low, creating further sealant issues. 

Moisture protection is everything when it comes to the proper installation of a roof. Poor alignment can cause water to sit or to seep into cracks and damage the underlying structure. “Good enough” is never good enough when it comes to protecting your roof from the elements.

5. Using Too Few Screws

A point that applies specifically to metal roof installations is using too few screws to properly secure the panels that protect the roof. Some amateur roofers will think that cutting back the number of materials they use can save costs on the overall job.

Panel installation instructions recommend a minimum number of screws for a reason. Don’t think you can cut back on that number and fix it in the caulking. It shortens the life of the roof and leads to costly repairs. 

Let the Experts Handle Your Roofing Installation Project

A poor roofing installation can set you back a lot more than the cost of the roof. It’s not a risk worth taking when you consider out-of-pocket expenses, the potential to have to do the same work twice, and the other structural damages that it may cause.

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