Condominium Roof Replacements | Weymouth, Massachusetts

Wisteria Point Condominiums, located in Weymouth, Massachusetts, is comprised of 5 Buildings totaling 100 Units. After about 30+ years, these condominiums needed a dire renovation to the exterior envelope. Specifically, this condominium association became interested in finding our roofing company local to South Shore, Massachusetts. The Condo association considered various roofing options but ultimately went with CertainTeed Landmark Pro Moire Black Architectural shingles.  They chose

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Structure Home Insulation Siding Installation | Mansfield, MA

Structure Home Insulation Siding Installation These Mansfield, Massachusetts, homeowners wanted to give their home’s exterior a total makeover. After considering several options for siding materials, they chose Mastic Structure Insulated Siding.  Vinyl Siding That Improves Energy Efficiency With Mastic Insulated vinyl siding, these homeowners will feel cozy and comfortable all winter long – even when the temperatures dip! Not only does this home siding solution

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Solar Defense Mastic Vinyl Siding: Protected and Guaranteed

Solar Defense Mastic Vinyl Siding This homeowner wanted a siding that would last long, offer added protection, and look great. After going over some options, they decided to go with Solar Defense Mastic D4 vinyl siding. Project Overview On this siding install in Stoughton, MA, our crew stripped off the old existing siding on the home. Then, we lined the house’s exterior with Tyvek to help create

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siding and window installation

Dependable Solutions To Transform The Exterior Of The Home

Siding and Window Installation These homeowners were looking for dependable siding and window solutions for their exterior renovation. After speaking to the homeowners about their expectations, they decided to proceed with siding and window installation. Project Overview First, we removed all the existing windows in the home. Then, our crew installed new 8600 Series replacement windows. Once we put in the windows, our team installed

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roofing installation and siding repair

Expert Roofing & Siding Repair Services

Roofing Installation and Siding Repair This roofing installation and siding repair gave these homeowners a refreshed look to their exterior envelope and spruced up the home’s curb appeal. Project Overview First, we stripped the existing asphalt shingles’ roof to be recycled. Second, the roof was prepped, and new CertainTeed Asphalt Shingles were installed, along with a section of EPDM Rubber Roofing. Once the roofing was

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rear deck installation

New Construction Deck and Entry Door Installation

Patio Sliding Door and Rear Deck Installation Our crew wrapped up this patio sliding door and rear deck installation on this exterior renovation in Stoughton, MA. Project Overview After meeting with these homeowners, they expressed the need for better access to their backyard. As a solution, our crews framed a new opening for a Silverline Patio Door. Then, our crews completed the rear deck installation

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