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Expanding Comfort and Value: A 2-Story Conventional House Addition In Stoughton, Massachusetts

Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

For these homeowners, a conventional house addition accomplishes far more than merely extending their living space. It initiates a journey towards financial freedom, presenting an incredible opportunity to leap forward in building both personal and generational wealth. This strategic move benefits homeowners and their families by providing a stepping stone in creating a financially secure future through multi-generational living while obtaining the much-needed personal space that comes with growth. Additionally, this home addition gave this property a significant boost in value.

Buckle up for our in-depth review of this expansive 1600-square-foot home addition project, meticulously completed by our Reliable Roofing, Siding, and Windows experts.

We’ll journey through each phase of this home addition project, offering detailed insights on products and the logistics of each trade needed to complete this build.

Deliverables For 2-Story House Addition

Exterior Deliverables

  • Prep the site and excavate all materials associated with the foundation
  • Install footings, concrete walls, and concrete slab
  • New 200 amp Electrical Service with sub-panel
  • Frame floors, walls, and roofing system
  • New Construction Windows
  • Roofing Installation
  • Siding Installation
  • A/C Condensor
  • Entry Doors
  • Gutters
  • Decking
conventional house addition foundation getting ready for framing

Interior Deliverables

  • Installation of new plumbing, plumbing fixtures and accessories
  • Expansion of HVAC to new addition with Hydro Air Heating System
  • Interior Electrical, outlets, fixtures, and accessories
  • Bathroom Shower, Toilet, and Cabinets
  • Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops
  • Interior Trim and Baseboard
  • Blueboard and Plaster
  • Flooring and Tile
  • Interior Doors
  • Interior Paint
interior rough of conventional house addition in stoughton, ma

Site Preparation and Foundation Installation

The initial phase of the conventional house addition involved preparing and installing the foundation. Site preparation included removing a metal fence, cutting back a concrete pool patio, and clearing the driveway pavement. Once the work area was cleared, we marked the excavation site.

The site work crew, responsible for site preparation and foundation work, commenced the excavation. During the excavation process, they encountered a piece of ledge in the rear corner of the existing foundation, posing a challenge to the new foundation’s footing. To address this issue, the site crew utilized a breaker attachment on an excavator to carefully remove the ledge, creating space for the new foundation footing. After removing the ledge and excavating the remaining dirt section, the crew set up the forms for the footings and poured them on the same day.

Following approval of the footings by the Stoughton Building Inspector, the crew initiated the formwork. The foundation was designed as a 32×25 foot crawl space, as the homeowners chose this option due to the significant ledge presence in the vicinity over a full basement. Subsequently, after installing the rebar and setting up the forms, the crew poured the foundation walls. Once the foundation received approval, we moved on to the framing stage of the project.

Framing 2-Story Home Addition

After receiving approval for the foundation, our framing crew began installing lally columns, sill plates, first-floor joists, and sub-flooring. Subsequently, we initiated the construction of walls to fulfill the homeowners’ request to maximize ceiling height in the new addition. Addressing constraints like the existing home’s ceiling height, we meticulously ensured the feasibility of our modifications.

After installing first-floor walls, we laid down floor joists for the second floor. These homeowners wanted to maximize the ceiling height of the new addition. Due to some constraints, such as the ceiling height of the existing home, we had to ensure our modification would work. We installed nine-foot ceilings, allowing just enough room on the second floor to access the existing house.

This phase of the project went quickly, and although it was the middle of winter and the progress was weather permitting, our framing crew was able to get it built with wall sheathing installed at the 3-week mark!

Installation of Roofing and Siding, Windows, and Doors

For the next phase of this conventional house addition, the focus shifted to making the exterior “weather-tight.” Our certified installers initiated the installation of roofing, siding, windows, doors, and gutters. The homeowners sought affordable, durable products with reliable warranties that fit their budget and ensure long-term quality. After exploring various materials, they selected Certainteed Landmark Pro roofing, Mastic Solar Defense vinyl siding, United Windows, and ThermaTru entry doors.

Among roofing manufacturers, CertainTeed shingles excel due to their 50-year SureStart Plus warranty. Mastic’s Ovation presents vinyl siding with SolarDefense Reflective Technology, ensuring no fade and no distortion guarantees. ThermaTru offers a variety of exterior door styles and options to enhance curb appeal. Lastly, the factory paint by REEB Millwork and Door Solutions adds a flawless finishing touch to the project.

How These Homeowners Benefit From A Conventional House Addition That Supports Multi-Generational Living

This home addition has brought an array of benefits to the homeowners:

  • Enhanced Living Space: The addition has significantly increased the available living area, allowing for greater freedom and flexibility in using the home through multi-generational living.
  • Separate Living Options: With a second kitchen and additional living spaces, the homeowners now have separate but connected living quarters that follow zoning guidelines.
  • Tranquility: Tailored spaces provide a haven for quiet reflection and rest, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
  • Increased Property Value: Beyond immediate lifestyle enhancements, the addition adds considerable value to the property, making it a wise long-term investment.
  • Curb Appeal: The renovation has also uplifted the home’s curb appeal, making it a standout property in the neighborhood.

Home Addition Testimonial from Homeowners

Reliable has been such a massive help throughout this entire project. We were looking for home addition contractors to build a 2-story 32 x 25 addition. We came across Reliable Roofing, Siding, and Windows and gave them a call, and we are happy we did! From the beginning, Reliable was there to help us navigate the planning and permitting process, considering every detail. The attention and care solidified our comfort in working with them immediately. Once we broke ground, the project was smooth sailing. The addition took around 3.5 to 4 months to complete from start to finish!

Completing this 2-story conventional house addition marks another milestone for Reliable Roofing, Siding, and Windows and the beginning of a new chapter for these homeowners in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

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