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Two-Story Residential Home Addition In Bridgewater, MA

Residential Home Addition Customers: “Our utmost objective as homeowners and soon-to-be parents is to optimize our property’s functionality, aesthetics, and overall value, creating a home that accommodates our future growth.”

  • Customer: Residential Homeowners In East Bridgewater, Massachusetts
  • General Contractor: Reliable Roofing, Siding, and Windows
  • Architect: Katelyn Manfredo
  • Lead Carpenter: Reliable Roofing, Siding, and Windows
  • Exterior Installers: Reliable Window and Siding
Conventional House Additions

In East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, homeowners embarked on an exciting project to enhance their abode with a substantial residential home addition.

The goal was to accommodate their expanding household needs by providing ample living quarters and adding a well-designed three-car garage to meet their storage and vehicle accommodation requirements.

The impressive two-story addition of their residence not only aligns with the family’s aspirations but also boosts their property’s overall value, aesthetic appeal, and functionality.

Residential Home Addition Deliverables

This residential home addition project involves constructing a 1600 Sq Foot two-story addition encompassing a three-car garage, additional living space, and a functional basement. Let’s delve into the details, starting with the deliverables of this home addition.

Exterior Deliverables

  • Prep Site and Excavate All Materials Associated With Foundation.
  • Install Footings, Concrete Walls, and Concrete Slab.
  • Frame Floors, Walls, and Roofing System.
  • Install new roofing, siding, windows, doors, gutters, and garage doors.
  • New 200amp electrical service.
exterior before siding installation of residential home addition completed and weather tight.

Interior Deliverables

  • Interior electrical, outlets, fixtures and accessories.
  • Installation of new plumbing, plumbing fixtures and accessories.
  • Expansion of HVAC services to new addition, and install interior vents.
  • Blue Board and Plaster.
  • Interior Paint.
  • Flooring and Tile.
  • Install Interior Doors.
  • Installation of Window and Door Interior Trim, Baseboard Interior Trim, and Window Casing.
home additions

Excavation and Foundation Installation

First, we’ll discuss the initial steps taken during this home addition process. 

We carefully mapped the ground using stakes and string to start our home addition project. Staking the ground and running string ensured that we followed the proper setbacks and located the addition precisely. Once we determined the appropriate location of the addition, our team began breaking ground and preparing the grade for footings and foundation walls. To reinforce the structure, we installed rebar before pouring 12″ x 24″ x 24″ concrete footings. 

After completing the footings, we prepared the site for the foundation walls. We applied waterproofing around the newly poured foundation walls below ground level to prevent water damage. This waterproofing guarantees that no water will seep through over time. Lastly, we finished this foundation installation with a solid 4″ thick concrete slab for the garage floor.

Framing Additions To Existing Homes

During the initial framing phase of this residential home addition, our team focused heavily on a strategic approach that would ensure a seamless transition between the existing home and the new addition once completed. We came up with a plan, we presented it to the homeowners, and they told us to execute it! 

The first step was fastening the sill plates to the foundation. Once the sill plates were installed, we began the installation of the floor joists and sub-flooring. After the sub-flooring was glued and nailed down, we began mapping out our walls, windows, and door openings. We started framing the exterior and interior walls shortly after mapping out the walls, windows, and door openings.

Part of our plan consisted of making sure the wall between the existing house and the new addition was left as is. Leaving the existing wall will ensure minimal disruption to the homeowners during the construction of the new addition. After the construction of the exterior walls and interior walls and the framing of all window and door openings, we began to frame the roof. Then, we applied sheathing to the outer walls and roof.

Roofing Installation

After installing the sheathing to the outer walls and roof rafters, our roofing installers began the installation of CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System and CertainTeed’s architectural shingle. CertainTeed’s Integrity Roofing System consists of various accessories manufactured directly with the customer in mind. It offers the complete package for roof replacement, offering homeowners an extended SureStart Plus warranty through the manufacturer. In addition to the manufacturer warranty, here at Reliable, we offer homeowners an extended 10-year labor warranty separate from the manufacturing warranty. When these homeowners picked CertainTeed roofing, they chose the Moire Black 50-Year Landmark Pro shingle.

Installation Of New Construction Windows

During the next phase of this home addition project, the focus shifted towards installing new construction windows. To meet their requirements, the homeowners opted for the Harvey Classic double-hung windows, renowned for their durability and energy efficiency. Not only did these windows enhance the curb appeal of the home, but they also provided long-term cost savings through improved energy efficiency. Moreover, these new construction windows offer a comprehensive warranty that covers any manufacturer defects and seal failure in the glass. With their appealing aesthetics, energy-saving features, and reliable warranty, these windows were an excellent choice for this home addition project.

Entry Door and Garage Door Installation

After successfully installing the windows, our crew proceeded with the installation of the entry doors and garage doors. The homeowners had specific requirements to enhance the home’s front elevation while ensuring that the chosen doors complemented the house’s overall architecture and exterior components. After considering various door options, they ultimately opted for Therma-Tru Smooth Star entry doors. They selected two nine-lite entry doors, one six-lite entry door, and one six-lite entry door with sidelite. Each entry door was meticulously factory-painted to ensure a high-quality finish. In addition to the entry doors, we also installed three high-end Coplay Garage doors.

conventional house addition with 3 car garage
3 car garage additions east bridgewater, massachusetts

Home Siding Installation

We completed the addition, built the roofing, and installed the windows and doors to start the home siding installation. Now, these homeowners need to choose the perfect siding. 

They were looking for a siding manufacturer with a strong warranty and a durable, maintenance-free product. After carefully considering various siding options, they ultimately decided to go with CertainTeed’s Monogram D4 vinyl siding, which offers seamless installation thanks to its multiple lengths. The homeowners also had the opportunity to choose from various colors and decided on the elegant Smokey Grey for their siding installation.

To add those finishing touches, we wrapped up the project by providing aluminum coverage on all fascia and rakes and installing new gutters around the home. With these finished touches, these homeowners will enjoy a beautifully built, well-thought-out, functional home for years to come!

In summary, this home addition project in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, showcases the dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Through thoughtful design, precise execution, and attention to detail, our team at Reliable Window and Siding aims to create a stunning and functional home addition that meets the homeowner’s needs and enhances the property’s value and appeal. In addition to building a happy place for these homeowners to grow into with their children for years to come!

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