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Brighten up your home with new skylights! Skylights offer homeowners increased natural light, fresh air, and improved ventilation. A room with natural light can save you on energy costs and breed life in spaces that may be dark and stuffy. Also, with improved ventilation, skylights offer homeowners the comfort of fresh air and a more comfortable room.

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Energy STAR has established a minimum energy performance rating that follows criteria based on your local climate zone. The local climate zone for Massachusetts is the North. All windows, including skylights, must follow the requirements outlined in this climate zone to be considered energy efficient.


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Skylight FAQs

Home additions such as skylights and solar panels can increase the value of your property, but roof penetration or shingle removal might void existing manufacturer warranties. Before a skylight is installed on your roof, make sure you understand exactly what qualifies as a “voiding” circumstance according to your current warranty. Obtaining that information in writing – from both the manufacturer and your roofing contractor is critical. Do your due diligence – protect both the roof of your home and your financial resources by making sure all agreements are settled prior to any work beginning, thus avoiding unwelcome surprises down the line

Updating your skylights can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor, but when done in tandem with replacing the roof of your home, it becomes easier. Combining the projects saves money while ensuring both warranties are synchronized and remain valid, offering years of peace of mind! Even if you aren’t replacing the roof, our skylight installation experts make updating easy – so take advantage today!

At Reliable Roofing, Siding & Windows, we are proud suppliers of VELUX skylights, which come with Clean, Quiet & Safe glass. This innovative product offers a smooth surface that disperses water evenly, which removes dirt more quickly and reduces water spots, providing a clear view that is easy to maintain. These skylights should still be periodically cleaned. Use a nonabrasive cleaner and soft cloth or chamois when you clean the interior – this helps keep your skylight sparkling. The exterior glass should be cleaned every couple of years –  most window-cleaning companies have all the tools needed to reach those hard spots without needing access to your roof!

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