New Energy Star Windows At Stony Brook Wildlife in Norfolk, MA

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New Energy Star Windows At Stony Brook Wildlife in Norfolk, MA

This exterior renovation project involved a significant upgrade to one of Mass Audubon’s aging buildings at Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary in Norfolk, Massachusetts. 

The exterior renovation focused on updating the building’s energy efficiency and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. These upgrades included installing new energy-star windows, insulating all window openings, and aluminum capping around all exterior trim.

In addition to the replacement windows and exterior coverage, we removed a rotted wall at the back of the building, assessed the foundation, and rebuilt the wall to make way for a new insulated entry door.

Energy Star Windows: Out With The Old, In With The New!

Benefits Of New Energy-Efficient Windows

The building, located to the right of Stony Brook’s visitors center, opposite the Butterfly Garden, will be used by staff as an office and educational space. It boasts 49 single-pane windows, the original ones from when the building was first built. Single-pane windows have zero energy efficiency value. Depending on the season, the heating and cooling systems work overtime—that’s if the building even has active heating and cooling.

With new double-pane, energy-efficient windows by Harvey Windows and Doors, this building will now be able to maximize its energy efficiency, marking a fresh start to a very long future, and the benefits are multi-fold:

  • Thanks to the improved energy-rated glass package in these Harvey Tribute replacement windows, Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary will now benefit from a reduction in its energy bills. The cutting-edge glass package from Harvey Windows and Doors prevents heat loss in winter and keeps interiors comfortably cool during the sweltering summer months.
  • Another advantage is the enhanced comfort these windows offer. A steady indoor environment throughout fluctuating seasonal temperatures means a more pleasant experience for visitors and staff.
  • These Harvey Tribute replacement windows also invite an increase in natural light, opening up uninterrupted views of the lush landscapes of Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary. They nurture a deeper connection to nature, enhancing the visitor experience from the outside and the inside.
  • On a broader scale, implementing new Energy Star windows underscores Stony Brook’s dedication to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. With lower energy consumption, the sanctuary reinforces its position as a conservation stewardship through preservation.

Energy-efficient windows provide immediate perks and promise long-term cost savings.

Become Energy Efficient Today!

Attributes Of Energy-Efficient Windows: A Contribution to Environmental Conservation

Every attribute of new Energy Star windows resonates with environmental conservation:

  • The sanctuary’s carbon footprint shrinks as the energy consumption necessary for temperature regulation inside the buildings diminishes.
  • Through this strategic move, the sanctuary has become a role model for utilizing modern energy-saving innovations, such as Energy Star-rated glass packages in Harvey Replacement Windows. Mass Audubon’s renovation efforts across Massachusetts align with its overarching preservation mission, protecting not just land and wildlife but also structures on its properties.
  • These windows are about longevity more than efficiency. Their robust construction and use of recycled vinyl mean less waste and fewer resources expended over time, reflecting Mass Audubon and Reliable’s shared vision for sustainable solutions.

Fostering Growth and Preservation: A Commitment to Energy-Efficient Upgrades

The partnership between Mass Audubon and Reliable Roofing, Siding, and Windows showcases a shared commitment to energy-efficient upgrades. This collaboration emphasizes fostering growth and preservation by conserving nature and wildlife and ensuring energy efficiency across their properties.

Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary continues to flourish, setting an excellent example of how eco-friendly initiatives can perfectly blend into the sanctuary’s daily operations. The newly installed Energy Star windows do more than insulate; they inspire. They serve as transparent barriers that protect against the elements, provide energy-saving solutions, and remind us of our responsibility to shield the nature that envelops us.

For more information on Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary and our ongoing efforts toward environmental sustainability, visit our website or contact us in person. Every step you take with us is a step toward a greener tomorrow.

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