after photo of new certainteed mainstreet vinyl siding

Complete Renovation Of The Homes Wood Shingle Siding

Trashing The Wood Shingle Siding For Vinyl Siding These homeowners in Braintree, MA, were interested in a complete renovation of the home’s wood shingle siding. In addition, they also were interested in receiving an estimate for two entry doors. Project Overview The existing wood shingle siding on this home began to show significant signs of rot, which started to become an eye soar, taking away

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after photo showing the completion of new roofing installation

Throwing Out The Three-Tab Shingles and Installing New Architectural Shingles

Inadequate Airflow In Their Attic Is Causing Damage! In Stoughton, Massachusetts, these homeowners were experiencing excessive moisture build-up on their ceilings. We believe the moisture build-up is due to the inadequate airflow in their attic. Project Overview These homeowners were experiencing ceiling moisture and expressed their concerns about the roofing system. After meeting with our salesman, we noticed the existing roof was improperly vented and

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after photo of interior of new harvey classic bay window installation

Replacing Outdated Windows With New Home Replacement Windows

Installation Of New Home Replacement Windows At this condo unit in Stoughton, Massachusetts, our crews spent the day replacing outdated windows with new home replacement windows. Project Overview Years of dealing with the cold drafts and being uncomfortable in their own home, these homeowners knew it was time to install new windows. After meeting with our salesman, the homeowners expressed interest in replacement windows that

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After photo of CertainTeed Landmark Pro roofing installation in East Bridgewater, MA

New Roofing Install At The Former Beaver Schoolhouse

New Roofing Install At The Former Beaver Schoolhouse This roof in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, was massive! After purchasing the home in 2018, these homeowners noticed a few unrepairable issues with their roofing system that needed to be addressed. Project Overview These homeowners wanted to protect their assets, but they also wanted to preserve the home’s history. Now, you can understand why the roof was such

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After photo of new roofing installation

Bottom Line; Make Sure Your Roof Is Properly Flashed!

Improperly Flashed Roofing System Caused Problems This improperly flashed roofing system in West Bridgewater, MA, led to a long-lasting leak that started to pose a severe problem for these homeowners. As a result, the leak began rotting out a large section of roof decking and needed to be replaced. Project Overview These homeowners had a substantially large section of their roofing that began rotting out.

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After photo of new aluminum windows after install-2

Sizable Quantity Of Tall and Skinny Aluminum Replacement Windows

Installation Of Aluminum Replacement Windows On this project in Randolph, Massachusetts, our crew installed a large quantity of tall and skinny aluminum replacement windows in this commercial building. Project Overview The owner of this commercial building in Randolph, Massachusetts, was looking for an affordable and effective solution to forty aluminum window units. Specifically, the windows in question were eleven feet high and one foot wide.

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