7 Different Types of Windows for Your Home

types of windows

It’s time for improvement. 

As you sit in your home, you can’t help but look around and think something needs to change. You like the flooring, the furniture, and the countertops. 

You can’t put a finger on what you want to change. Take a look at your windows and see if that makes a lightbulb go off in your head. Your windows may need a little updating. 

If you’re unsure of what type of window to install, make sure to keep reading. Below are seven different types of windows to consider.

1. Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows are one of the best window options when considering energy efficiency. They look wonderful in your renovated bathroom, especially by the shower or tub. 

Because they are typically sealed in place using mortar, there’s a smaller chance of air leakage. This improves temperature control in the room, saving you money in the end. 

2. Arched Windows

An amazing way to impress guests and open up the natural lighting in your living or dining room is by installing an arched window. The gentle curve of the window adds elegance to any room.

Imagine an arched window that stretches from floor to ceiling, casting light onto your living room from behind your leather couch. Sounds like a cozy day indoors, right?

3. Double-Hung Windows

Before rushing into a window installation, take a moment to consider double-hung windows. 

These windows can be opened from both the bottom and top sash, allowing the room to have incredible ventilation. They are perfect for clear days in spring, allowing cool air to come through along with the sunshine. 

4. Casement Windows 

The hinges for this type of window are on the sides. This allows you to swing open the windows on the left and right. 

They’d look amazing over your kitchen sink. During a full day of baking, swing the window doors open wide to let in fresh air and light. 

5. Skylight Windows

If you live somewhere sunny, skylight windows are some of the best types of windows for you. Who wouldn’t love light pouring across their bathroom tub or hallway?

These windows are installed in the roof and offer an escape for risen heat. They leave your house looking and feeling cooler. 

While the average installation cost of these windows may be a tad higher, they are worth it when improving your home. You won’t regret it.

6. Circle Windows

Circle windows in the home immediately boost your home aesthetic. There’s something undeniably charming and elegant about a circle window. 

Place them high up in your entryway to let light in and draw eyes up. Guests will constantly be complimenting how they look. 

7. Garden Windows

Plant parents will lose their minds over a good garden window. This window type acts as a mini-greenhouse wherever you place it. 

Whether you want your plant friends in your kitchen or hanging out with you in your room, look into installing a garden window. You might have to make sure your cat doesn’t get too excited with all the new plants around the home. 

Different Types of Windows for Your Home

When deciding what types of windows you want for your home, we know it can be overwhelming. Make sure to check out the list above for seven incredible options to consider.

Whether you want something energy-efficient like glass block windows or something decorative like an arched window, there’s a good option for everyone. Take a little time to research window types, installation costs, and the effects each type will have on the overall temperature in the home.

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