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Before You Order Black Windows, Know The Answers To The Right Questions!

The efficiency, functionality, and durability are three main attributes that every homeowner seeks when installing new replacement windows. Still, the aesthetic appeal will always be a determining factor, and right now — black windows are trending.

See why homeowners and contractors choose a more modern and contemporary look with black replacement windows. In addition, learn what to look out for when planning your home window installation.

Why Are Black Windows Trending?

For years, white vinyl windows dominated the replacement window industry and other standard colors such as beige, sandstone, and dark bronze. Eventually, manufacturers needed to get creative and began offering homeowners and contractors more colors, and one of those colors was black.

Black windows stand out because they are incredibly versatile. The black window frames offer endless possibilities for interior and exterior decorating. Additionally, black frames provide a beautiful border to enhance any exterior view while complimenting some of the other home components, such as the siding and trim on the home’s exterior.

Furthermore, black window frames complement the home’s interior, creating a higher contrast between the lighter wall colors and trim. In addition, black frames on replacement windows create a dramatic look, allowing homeowners to stand out on the exterior and amplify their decor on the interior!

Don’t just buy any black replacement window. Make sure you ask the right questions and know the correct answers!

Questions Homeowners Should Ask Before Buying Black Windows

Here, we discuss a few commonly asked questions about black replacement windows and what we think homeowners should know about them.

Are The Windows Black On The Interior?

Black window can be made black on the interior and exterior, depending on the window type and manufacturing specifications. For example, vinyl windows will only have black on the exterior and white on the interior. On the other hand, aluminum or fiberglass windows will be black on the interior and exterior. Furthermore, wood windows are paintable on the home’s interior and exterior.

What Are The Different Window Types You Can Get In Black?

Homeowners and contractors can buy a variety of window types in the color black. These window types are Aluminum Windows, Wood Windows with aluminum cladding, Vinyl Windows, and Fiberglass Windows.

Can I Paint Replacement Windows Black?

Homeowners can undoubtedly paint their windows black, but the DIY painting of your windows will most certainly void any manufacturer warranty. Also, depending on the amount of sunlight you get on a specific section of your home, the black paint can cause severe warping of the window frames. Proper paint consists of technology that will either deflect or minimize heat absorption while being resistant to fading.

Mathew Brother's Sanford Hills Black Replacement Windows.

Do Black Replacement Windows Fade?

The colored replacement windows are certainly more prone to fading due to heat being attracted to the dark pigmentation in color. Black Window can compromise the integrity of the windows over time if the window is not manufactured correctly.

Can Black Replacement Windows Cost More Than Regular White windows?

Yes, these colored windows cost more money than your regular white vinyl windows. Depending on the window type (i.e., wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl), windows can cost double the price depending on the window type chosen.

Do Colored Windows Increase Home Value?

Not necessarily. Just because the home has black window installed does not increase the home value. Furthermore, it won’t promise a greater return on investment either. The energy efficiency and window type are the two most significant factors in deciding that, not the color of the window. Also, white replacement windows are neutral, whereas some prospective home buyers may not like the idea of black windows. Furthermore, black replacement windows can become more of a headache than good depending on the type of black window (i.e., wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl).

5 Different Ways Manufacturers Use To Apply Black Paint To Windows

Finding the perfect black replacement windows require homeowners and contractors to understand what’s on the market. Here are five different ways black windows are manufactured. 

1.) Aluminum Cladding

Aluminum cladding brings out the deep pigment in the black window and withstands fading better than most other applications. Additionally, homeowners don’t need to worry about losing the window’s thermal performance because the aluminum is just a cap over a wood window unit.

2.) Laminates

Another technique of applying black paint to windows is lamination. Once the extrusions are manufactured, laminates can be glued to the window frames, and this method is highly labor-intensive and not ideal. Additionally, the aesthetic look of the laminates can be bulky and can de-laminate over time.

3.) Paint

Another method is painting the window frames. Painting can be labor-intensive and requires special attention due to the details in the window extrusions. Additionally, the paint should be specific to its application. When you decide to paint the exterior of your vinyl windows, you need to ensure that the color is made to adhere to vinyl and withstand absorbing the sun. Some paints use an RPT, also known as Reflective Pigment Technology.

4.) Capstock

Lastly, another method is capstock. Capstock is a process that uses acrylic paint that is then “capped” onto the vinyl extrusion. The capping method helps the paint bond better with the vinyl extrusions while drastically improving the window’s ability to withstand fading.

Black Window Frames Create Better Views

black replacement windows

Black window frames are at the forefront of home renovations, and new construction builds in Massachusetts and United States. It’s a perfect color application for replacement windows. No matter where or what environment black window are in, everything adjacent to them is a compliment. In addition, black window frames highlight any view — simulating a disappearing act, creating a picturesque frame to compliment the outside view of any home.

Additionally, every home improvement project is an investment — whether it is for financial gain or aesthetic, please — homeowners continue to seek out simplicity, efficiency, functionality, and beauty. 

Expect windows and doors to be no exception to that investment.

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