Howard Seminary Bell Enclosure | A Reliable Donation To The Community


Howard Seminary Bell Enclosure

West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Reliable Roofing, Siding, and Windows volunteered its services this week, restoring the Howard Seminary Bell enclosure in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. The enclosure is a replica cupola built-in 1970 to cover the bell that initially sat at the top of the former Howard Seminary School location, now known as The Friendship Playground. The bell was one of the only artifacts that survived the March 21, 1949 fire.

The Drury Bell

The Drury Bell, which was manufactured in 1840, was a gift to the Howard Seminary School. In 1875, Otis provided the trustees this bell as a gift to hang in the North Tower of the newly built school. On the day the bell was dedicated, Otis Drury passed away. 

Restoration Improvements

We are stripping the old roofing shingles from the replica roofing system, and installing new asphalt shingles.

Sources: (The Enterprise; By Mike Melanson – 2009), (West Bridgewater Town Report 1981

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