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Improperly Flashed Roofing System Caused Problems

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This leak was a disaster waiting to happen. Unfortunately for these homeowners in West Bridgewater, MA, it became a harsh reality for them. The improperly flashed roofing system paved the way for a long-term leak, creating a severe problem. Over time, the leak resulted in the rotting of a large section of the roof decking, necessitating a replacement. As home experts, we’ve seen these types of incidents occur all too often and can attest to the importance of proper roofing installation. If you’re dealing with a leak and need a new roof – get in touch!

Project Overview

We recently had a project where the homeowners discovered a sizeable roof area was rotting away. Fortunately, we were able to step in and help them out. Our salesman met with the homeowners, and we devised a comprehensive plan to fix their roof and get it back to tip-top shape.

First, we replaced the entire roof. We knew that just replacing the shingles wouldn’t be enough, however. Our team ensured to eliminate any rotted plywood before installing roofing accessories and shingles. We wanted to provide this roof with new plywood to create a solid decking that would perform better than the last.

That’s why we went with CertainTeed’s Integrity Roofing System and added 50-Year architectural shingles. We were confident this choice would provide them with the extended Sure Start Plus warranty they deserved. To ensure everything was in top shape, our crews installed new lead on the chimney and a new PVC trim board on the gambrel roof.

Overall, we’re proud of our work on this project, and we’re confident that the homeowners will be happy with their new and improved roofs for many years to come.


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