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On this exterior renovation project in Norton, Massachusetts, our crews installed new roofing and siding. In addition, we also installed a replacement window, new sidelite inserts for the front entry door, and new skylights.

Roofing Installation

This homes roofing system was nearing the end of its lifespan and desperately was in need of a new roof. After going over different roofing options, these homeowners decided to install Landmark Pro architectural asphalt shingles by CertainTeed. In addition to the new roofing shingles and accessories, our crew also installed new Velux manual operating skylights.

New roof Installation Norton MA

Siding Installation and New Gutters

Once the installation of the roof was complete, our crews began installing new home siding. Before the installation could begin, our crews stripped the old wood clapboard siding from the home. Then, we replaced any rot that was visible around the home and installed a moisture barrier over the sheathing. After going over different siding options with these homeowners, they chose to install CertainTeed D4 Charcoal Gray Mainstreet vinyl siding. Lastly, our crew installed new gutters, downspouts, and gutter guard. 

Replacement Window and Entry Door Inserts

Finally, once the roofing and siding installations were complete, our window and door installers began wrapping up the last few projects. First, we installed a brand new Harvey Classic replacement window towards the back of the home. Last, we switched out older sidelite windows in the front entry door with new ThermaTru window inserts. 

Job Material List

  • CertainTeed D4 Charcoal Gray Mainstreet Vinyl Siding
  • Landmark Pro Architectural Shingles By CertainTeed
  • ThermaTru Sidelite Inserts
  • Velux Skylights
  • Gutters

Before and After Pictures of New Roofing and Siding Installation in Norton MA

Roofing installation

Alt Text: Roofing installation

Siding installation Norton MA

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