Planning Your Exterior Renovation

Planning Your Exterior Renovation

Planning your exterior renovation ahead of time can determine the success of a job. Proper planning will keep the project on budget, provide a higher return on investment (ROI), and a clear understanding of the scope of work. Below is a reliable guide to get you thinking.


Determining your budget is the first step. Ask yourself these questions, “How much money am I willing to spend?” and “How much money can I spend?”. Once you get that answer, you will be able to narrow down what projects you can and can not do. After your budget is determined, it is time to start scouting and requesting free estimates for your respective projects.


Choosing the right materials are important, especially when you are investing thousands of dollars in your home renovation. Often, a salesman will bring pamphlets or samples as options to show homeowners. Sometimes though, scouting the surrounding neighborhoods or other local communities can be a huge benefit to homeowners. Becoming familiarized with the colors, styles, materials, and trends on the market today will significantly help the approach of your projects.

Other Considerations

When considering your exterior renovation you have a unique opportunity to take care of other projects that be a part of your long term planning.  For example you have been thinking about installing a home security system that will help protect your most valuable assets.  Or maybe you have wanted to change the landscaping up around your home.  Factoring in these other home improvement upgrades can be perfect timing.

Free Estimates!

Begin by searching for local contractors in and around your community. Once you have compiled a list of your top 3 or more contractors, contact them to set up an appointment. Don’t just look for the lowest number. Ask the company questions. These estimates will help you differentiate between what materials and products each company is offering and ensure your project are completed right and on budget. 

Remember, make sure to plan ahead. It will keep your project on budget, provide a higher return on investment (ROI), and a clear understanding of the scope of work to be completed.  

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