Spruced Up Clubhouse With New Patio Sliding Doors & Thermolite Panels

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Pool Sliding Doors and Thermolite Paneling Installation

During this exterior renovation, our skilled crews successfully removed the old pool sliding doors and omega paneling from the pool house. They replaced them with new patio sliding doors and Thermolite glazing panels. This upgrade provides enhanced illumination in the pool house area and adds to its aesthetic appeal. It was a significant undertaking that required the experience and craftsmanship of our professionals to ensure a job well done.

Project Overview

At the condominium complex, management sought an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for their old patio doors and Thermolite paneling at the pool house. The complex needed a solution to maintain comfortable temperatures during winter months while allowing a refreshing summer breeze. We recommended Silverline patio sliding doors and Thermolite insulated glazing panels, which met R-value requirements and provided high energy efficiency. The owners now have heightened comfort during winter and perfect access to the breezy outdoors in the summer months.

After photo showing new patio sliding doors and thermolite

Thermolite Paneling

Thermolite panels offer an ideal solution for those seeking a high-tech, energy-efficient look for glazing inserts.

With an insulating foam core stuck between two corrugated stabilizers and finished aluminum sheets, these panels are made to be both decorative and durable. They can be customized in smooth or stucco-embossed finishes and various hard-wearing colors.

But here’s where it becomes even more interesting: Thermolite manufacturering also offers a fabricating service, providing options that offer additional R-Value and new, visually-stunning aesthetics while creating hairline joints between panels.

Designed to fit into any windows and doors, Thermolite glazing panels are highly versatile, providing excellent insulation and helping you to save energy and resources. With building and energy efficiency codes becoming even more exacting, these panels are an intelligent solution for your next project. Be smart, be energy-efficient, and choose Thermolite panels.

Job Materials

  • Six Insulated Thermolite Glazing Panels
  • Five Patio Doors

Before and After Photo Gallery

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