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Poor Window Installations, Call A Local Window Contractor

After a long day’s work, you are excited to see how your replacement windows look. But, you begin to notice that something isn’t quite right. Could it be that you are not used to them yet? Was your window installation done incorrectly? Are they the wrong windows? Things can get overwhelming for homeowners in this situation; Reliable Window and Siding is here to help. Take a look below and educate yourself on what to look for after poor window installation.

Signs Of Poor Window Installations

Wrong Size Windows

One thing that can go wrong when installing replacement windows is the size of the actual window installed. If the window does not fit properly into the opening, it will affect the up and down operation of the sash.

Opening and Closing Windows

Improperly installed replacement windows and new construction windows can cause an issue with opening and closing. At times, the inoperable window sash’s can go undetected for a while, especially during the cold season. Once the warmer weather moves in, it will become clearer whether the windows were installed correctly or not.

Cracked Windows

There are many reasons why windows can crack. It could be done to poor installation, maneuvering the glass incorrectly, or because of the drastic change in temperature between hot and cold. In either case, you deserve a refund or a new installation. Never be afraid of pointing out mistakes; it is your home and your investment.

Condensation Between The Panes Of Glass

When condensation is on your windows, it is entirely normal. The problem comes when the condensation starts to appear in-between the panes of glass. If this occurs, the window has “seal failure.” Seal failure is when condensation appears in-between the two panes of glass. As long as the glass is intact, the manufacturer will warranty and replace the window sash at no charge.

Cold Drafts

Drafts can pose a huge problem for homeowners and their pockets! Usually, drafts are most noticeable in the winter season. Furthermore, the cold air can be for various reasons. Specifically, suppose you are experiencing a breeze of cold air. In that case, it can indicate that the installation is wrong, the window’s seal failed, or the window wasn’t energy efficient from the beginning. Moreover, allowing these drafts to persist can cost you big on heating and cooling — so make sure to get in contact with your local window contractor to address your concerns.

Messy Caulking

Caulking can get messy on applications. It can be found on your windows and is used to seal gaps to keep out pests and weather elements. Therefore, applying caulking correctly to the windows will ensure it does its intended job. Lastly, always address any signs of messy caulking; usually, this happens due to a rushed job.

Window Leaks

When a window is leaking, it can cause many problems for your home. Leaking windows can create wet stains on your carpet and mold along the base of your walls. This is a sure sign that the window installation was done poorly and needed to be addressed by your local window contractor.

Energy Consumption

An increase in energy use, whether it is heating or cooling, is likely caused by a poor window installation. Poorly installed windows create an easy way for heat to escape your home, leading to increased utility bills. A homeowner usually begins to notice this change after it’s too late. Please don’t wait until it’s too late. Call a local window contractor today! Going around your home and inspecting for any drafts coming through your windows can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

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