Protect Your Home: 4 Signs It’s Time for Siding Replacement

siding replacement

A home’s siding is designed to thrive through decades of use. But at some point, after having suffered substantial wear and tear, it will bow out, prompting a replacement.

The question is: how can you tell when this point has arrived? The answer: by looking out for specific signs. So, without further ado, here are 5 signs it’s time for a siding replacement

1. Your Siding is Rotting

Over time, siding plays host to substantial amounts of moisture. While it may not be obvious at the time, this moisture is having an adverse effect on the siding, causing it to deteriorate slowly. 

This deterioration is acceptable for a time. However, there comes a point at which it impairs the siding’s functionality. This point is when the siding has begun to rot

So, if you notice your siding warping or hollowing out, it’s time to call it a day. A replacement is undoubtedly needed. 

2. Your Siding is Cracked

The job of siding is to protect its corresponding house from exterior elements. These elements run the gamut from moisture to heat to cold and, of course, physical trauma. Unfortunately, when the latter arrives, it can cause the siding to crack, resulting in a lack of protection from all of the aforementioned elements. 

As such, if your siding incurs cracks, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Whereas a crack or two can be repaired with a few panel swaps, a bevy of cracks calls for a full-on replacement. 

3. Your Energy Bills are Going Up

While there are a number of factors that could lead to an increase in energy costs, one of the most common factors is the deterioration of siding. The more siding deteriorates, the less protection it provides. The less protection it provides, the more heat and cold it allows through. 

Unfortunately, this increased flow of heat and cold places stress on the home’s HVAC system, causing it to work much harder than it otherwise would. The result? Increased energy usage and costlier energy bills. 

The fix? In many cases, a siding replacement. 

4. Your Home Has Experienced Interior Wall Damage

Another sign to look out for is interior wall damage. If there’s mold on your wall, or paint chipping off of your wall, or moisture spots on your wall, it’s likely due to siding impairment. In other words, the siding on the opposite side of the wall is dysfunctional in some way. 

In some cases, this can be repaired with a panel swap. Note, though, that in most cases, a full-on siding replacement is recommended. 

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