TandoShake offers the largest selection of shake & stone siding in the industry. The product’s characteristics are very similar to the real thing and are sold in various textures and colors. The siding reflects concerns around moisture management and consumer needs for low maintenance, at the same time, keeping the natural beauty and realism of authentic cedar and stone.


TandoShake Options

RoughSawn Cedar Single

A classic, lightweight 6 ½-inch exposure in a 90” long product. Single course profile minimizes waste—especially around dormers and peaks—and installs quickly. (Tandobp.com)

Rustic Cedar 9

Homeowners love Rustic Cedar for its 9-inch exposure and rich deep textures which complement a wide range of other siding materials including fiber cement, vinyl, stucco, stone veneer and real stone. (Tandobp.com)

Hand Split Shake

The iconic look of Hand Split Shake, with its 8 ¾-inch exposure authentically captures the rugged and rough look of hand-cut cedar shake – making this one-of-a-kind profile one of our most popular shakes. (Tandobp.com)

RoughSawn Cedar Dual

Our classic 6 ½-inch exposure in a dual course profile that TandoShake’s legendary quick installation even faster in larger side wall installations. (Tandobp.com)

RoughSawn Cedar Staggered

With its varied 6 ½ – 7-inch staggered single exposure, TandoShake’s RoughSawn Cedar Staggered blends the classic, contemporary look of rough sawn cedar with subtle, innovative changes. (Tandobp.com)

TandoShake also offers complementary siding such as Cape Cod Perfection and Scalloped Perfection. They also offer outside corners and J-channel that work specifically in conjunction with one another.

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