5 Key Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

replace windows

Are you thinking it’s time to replace your windows?

Your windows are vital in protecting your home from the outside. Be that the elements, or keeping intruders out of your home, and they need to be in top condition to do it.

But, like most people, you likely don’t give them much thought. You might not even know what signs to look for when they’re failing.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for these five signs it’s time to replace windows in your home.

1. There is a Draft When the Windows Aren’t Open

If your windows aren’t open, do you still feel a draft getting in? This could be due to many things, from bad insulation to faulty seals. But it’s guaranteed to affect the temperature in your home in a big way, especially when winter sets in.

It will cause your HVAC system to work harder to keep an even temperature. In turn, this will cause a spike in your energy bills. If you have this issue, you need to investigate, and it might be time for new windows.

2. You Have Warped, Damaged, or Broken Windows

It will depend on the damage, as some things you can repair and replace. If it’s a weatherstripping or hardware issue, repairing might be the best choice.

If you have damage or warping to the window sash or frame, then replacement is the better choice. If they still work, they might not for much longer. You might end up with further issues down the line. It’s better to replace them before more issues arise.

3. Condensation Builds Between the Glass Layers

If you spot frosting or condensation between the glass layers, it means the seals have gone. This means moisture can seep between the glass panes.

Once the seals go, the insulating gas that makes the windows energy efficient escapes. Cracks will also let air leak out, further reducing their energy efficiency. The only option, in this case, is to replace them.

4. They Don’t Insulate

A lot of older windows are often single pane, and they don’t offer much protection from the outside air. If you spot that your windows are hot to the touch in summer, they’re likely not insulating as they should.

This only gets worse in the winter too, and you may notice your windows are cold to touch. This means they aren’t keeping the cool air out, making your HVAC work harder to heat the air around them.

The best thing to do is to upgrade your windows to modern ones with good insulation ratings. This will keep the hot summer air, and cold winter air, out of your home.

5. You’re Doing Up a Historical Property

If you live in a historic property, the person before you might have left you with vinyl windows. They’re nice but completely take away from its period charm.

You might not think it, but windows can have a huge impact on the whole look of a home. As such, it can ruin and hamper any historical integrity.

If you want your property to look in keeping with its age and style, you can with modern windows. Look for a company that specializes in this, or consider custom designs.

Replace Windows in Your Home Before It’s too Late

So, there you have it! Now you know these 5 signs, you’ll be sure to replace windows in your home before the worst happens and they fail.

Check for drafts and air leaks, and make sure there’s no condensation between panes. Check for damage, failed seals and most of all, make sure they’re doing their job. And they look the way you want them to.

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