5 Most Asked Siding Questions and Their Answers


5 Most Asked Siding Questions and Their Answers

Getting new siding for your home can be a hassle. There are dozens of materials options, with accompanying price points and longevity variations.  As a homeowner, it is essential to understand the answers to your questions before spending thousands of dollars on new siding.

What Should You Do to Prepare for New Siding?

As the homeowner, there are things you can do to prepare for your new siding installation. First, remove anything leaning or resting against the house that is easily removable: bikes, chairs, toys, etc. Doing so will allow the workers installing your siding to have easier access to the work area, and could potentially reduce the amount of time needed to complete the project. 

Landscaping around the perimeter of your home is another obstacle your siding installers may have to navigate. To help expedite the install, consider having tree limbs trimmed beforehand.  Bushes and plants growing next to the house should also be trimmed, not only to assist the siding installers but also to better maintain the look and durability of your siding. 

How Should You Choose The Color and Type of Siding? 

Your home should be your own little oasis, a place where you feel safe and sound. One of the blessings of homeownership is having the final say in the aesthetics of both its interior and exterior – you get to choose how your yard, driveway, and house all look. Choosing the right siding is crucial for curb appeal, longevity, and the valuation of your property. Luckily, choosing a color and type of siding might be a little easier than you think. Look around your neighborhood – you might notice some common themes. Are there several blue or gray houses? Do most homes have vinyl or cement board siding?  Is your home located in a subdivision with a Homeowners Association? If so, are there material and color restrictions that limit what you can use?  Begin there. Keeping your home looking like it belongs in the neighborhood boosts curb appeal and home value. After you take note of how other homes in your neighborhood look and formulate some ideas, contact a professional in your area for more information on specific pricing and guidance for your home’s new siding. 

What Do I Need To Do To Maintain My New Siding? 

Every type of siding requires some kind of maintenance and some require more work than others. Vinyl siding will need occasional pressure washing to remove the build-up of dirt and grime. Cement exterior siding may need a new coat of paint after 15 years. It all just depends on the environment you live in and the type of siding you decide to choose. When talking with a contractor, ask them about the upkeep associated with any type of particular siding to further understand what will be required. 

What Is The Cost of New Siding

Cost all depends on the materials used and the size of the project. Oftentimes,  replacing just a section of siding is more expensive and can sometimes lead to more damage if you hire an inexperienced contractor. Doing a complete home residing project is the best bang for your buck. It will increase the value of your home. And remember to be mindful in selecting an experienced contractor with outstanding references.  Doing so helps ensure the work and craftsmanship are done correctly.

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