9 Common Roof Problems You Need to Know

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Are you encountering roof problems? Even if you’re not having an emergency right now, it never hurts to learn more about potential issues in your home.

Whether it be a minor leak or a major cracking, roofs are susceptible to a variety of common ailments. Without a swift response, serious damage could ensue even in other parts of your house.

Learning to recognize common roof problems is essential. It’ll make you better at preventing risks and addressing issues before they get worse.

Read on for 9 of the most common roof problems you absolutely need to know about.

1. Leaks

Roof leaks are undoubtedly the most common roofing problem that homeowners encounter. Moisture can soak through the roof and leak into the house. Left unattended, it’ll create mold, mildew, and lead to the rotting of structural components.

2. Cracking

Temperatures rising cause shingles and tiles to expand. If the roof doesn’t have enough room, tiles and shingles can end up cracking and blistering.

Roofing materials should be closely packed together but retain a little breathing room for movement due to weather.

3. Lifted Shingles

Severe weather conditions such as strong winds can end up lifting tiles, shingles, and metal.

In this case, the shingles should be nailed down and replaced adequately onto your roofing. You should do this promptly to avoid problems.

4. Pooled Water

If water is allowed to pool or create little ponds on the roof, it’ll cause problems over time. Moisture will eventually seep into your house and there will be leaks.

You should make sure to install quality gutters and metal flashing so that water can flow properly.

5. Improper Repairs

While quick fixes can offer temporary relief, they aren’t meant to be permanent solutions.

Instead of settling for patches, favor doing proper replacements. Replacements not only fix the hole in the roof but eliminate potential vulnerabilities as well.

6. Holes

Extreme weather conditions can pierce holes in your roof due to debris. These holes will compromise your house’s insulation, causing your bills to skyrocket. Furthermore, they can let rain, wind, insects, and animals inside your house.

7. Shrinking

Cold weather will make your house contract, including shingles and tiles. If your roof isn’t prepared for that in advance, you run the risk of shingles and tiles breaking and falling off.

8. Tree Damage

Naturally, if part of a tree falls into your roof, it can cause damages. But even branches innocuously rubbing against your roof every day can wear down its top layer over time.

For added safety, consider trimming any trees whose branches are resting on top of your house.

9. Bad Gutters

Bad gutters don’t do their job of evacuating water very well. If water remains on the roof, moisture damage is inevitable.

Additionally, a poorly installed gutter will get damaged and be pulled away from the roof. Make sure your gutters are maintained and installed correctly.

Solve Your Roof Problems

Those 9 common roof problems can affect anyone. Knowing about them is a good step towards keeping your home in top shape.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and get a free estimate on any work you need to have done on your home.

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