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Installing New Home Siding and New Roofing In Sharon, MA

On this project in Sharon, Massachusetts, our crews were tasked with replacing an old roof, installing new home siding, and replacing two windows. It was crucial to address these areas as soon as possible due to the age of the existing materials and to mitigate and stop the ongoing leak issue on the roof.

before installing new home siding and new roofing.

New Roofing

These homeowners depended on a reliable roofing company to assess their old roofing system. As our salesman began inspecting the old roofing, it was clear that the current roofing system needed replacement. The first sign was from the home’s exterior; the older asphalt shingles showed signs of cracking and curling. After assessing the house’s interior, there were noticeable signs of an ongoing leak with discoloring to the ceiling. 

As a solution, we replaced the entire roof. Specifically, these homeowners chose CertainTeed’s Landmark Pro architectural shingles. In addition to the shingle, our crews installed CertainTeed’s Integrity Roofing System, accessories that aid in applying the new roofing. Additionally, because Reliable is a certified ShingleMaster installer with CertainTeed, we can offer homeowners an advantage with a 50-year extended SureStart Plus warranty — at no extra cost! 

Once we stripped the old asphalt shingles, our roofing and siding crew removed the wood panels from the side walls. More often than not, the side walls act as a leaking point because of their location. Specifically, the place is where the roof line meets the wall of a gable or dormer. In addition to side walls, sometimes there are headwalls. These areas must be thoroughly flashed to prevent water from infiltrating. Once the side walls were exposed, our crews began installing three levels of protection: underlayment, ice and water, and panned flashing. These layers of protection, properly installed, will prevent any water from infiltrating these areas. Lastly, we began installing CertainTeed’s integrity roofing system and asphalt shingles.

After Photo of Reliable replacing an old roof, installing new home siding, and replacement of new windows.

Replacement Wood Windows

This smaller window job encompassed a more significant exterior renovation involving roofing and siding. Before moving forward with the siding installation, we needed to cut in and reframe a window opening in a bedroom. In addition, we installed a new picture window as well. The homeowners knew exactly what they wanted — an Andersen 400 series picture window and an Andersen 400 Series awning window. These wood replacement windows by Andersen are made to order and offer a beautiful interior and exterior look that’ll complement the home’s new siding and roofing.

Installing New Home Siding

In addition to replacing the roof, these homeowners noticed signs of damage to their existing wood siding. The existing wood siding on the home showed its age, with sections of it rotting and a few broken pieces of clapboard around the house. 

After choosing to install new siding, these homeowners picked Mitten S7 Board and Batten vinyl siding, and the color they chose was Stratus. Once we stripped the old wood clapboard, our crews began to wrap all trim, fascia and rakes with aluminum coverage. After covering all the trim and ensuring all extrusions were flashed correctly, our siding crew installed the new Mitten S7 Board and Batten. In addition to the home’s new siding and aluminum coverage, we also installed a soffit. Lastly, we wrapped up this renovation project with brand-new seamless gutters. 

Job Materials

  • CertainTeed Landmark Pro Architectural Shingles — Shingle Color: Moire Black
  • S7 Mitten Stratus Board & Batten Vinyl Siding
  • Andersen 400 Series Replacement Wood Windows
  • Chimney Lead
  • Seamless Gutters

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