Lifetime 50-Year Shingle and SureStart Plus Extended Warranty Protection


50-year Shingle, and SureStart Plus Extended Warranty Protection

In Randolph, MA, these homeowners were looking for a roofing solution that would provide them years of coverage and protection. We offered these homeowners a 50-year shingle, and SureStart Plus extended warranty protection.

Project Overview

These homeowners were interested in a roofing solution that provided them with lifelong warranty coverage. Furthermore, they needed a shingle that would stand up to the harsh New England weather. As a result, we offered these homeowners a 50-year year shingle, and SureStart Plus extended warranty protection. The SureStart Plus extended warranty takes the traditional SureStart protection plan and extends full coverage for up to 50-years, depending on the chosen level of protection. In addition, the only way the manufacturer will extend the regular SureStart protection plan is by installing CertainTeed’s Integrity Roofing System. Equally important, the roof would need to be installed by a CertainTeed Credentialed Contractor. After going over some samples, these homeowners decided to choose CertainTeed’s Landmark Pro Weather Wood architectural shingle. Also, we installed new lead around the chimney to ensure all roof components were weather tight and brand new.


Job Materials

  • CertainTeed Weather Wood Landmark Pro Architectural Shingles
  • Roll Of Chimney Lead
  • WinterGuard
  • RoofRunner
  • SwiftStart
  • Shadow Ridge
  • Ridge Vent
  • Drip Edge

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