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Roof Overlay vs. Roof Replacement

Roof Overlay vs. Roof Replacement Roofing overlays only provide homeowners with a fresh new layer of shingles, false sense of security, and a bigger expense down the road. A roof overlay is when new asphalt shingles are installed over the existing asphalt shingles with no proper installation of ice and water and underlayment. Overlays can be a cheap, quick, and effective way to install new

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Renovations That Pay Off​

Renovations That Pay Off Exterior renovations are a necessity when it comes to the protection and maintenance of your home. Planning your renovation will help choose the right projects to move forward with and ensure that the renovations pay off! Roofing Installation The investment for a new roof is priceless. Replacing your roofing system is one of the most important renovations you can do as

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How Temperature Drops Affect Roofs

When the weather becomes cooler the temperature drops, and this change has its own unique effect on roofs just as the warmer temperatures. A significant decrease in temperature that results in frost, ice and snow can impact the roofing material.

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Roof Damage

Roof damage can cause many problems for commercial and residential building owners, property managers, and roofing contractors. Here we have highlighted four main common causes, aside from your typical storm damage, that can pose problems to your roofing system. Lack Of Maintenance Poor maintenance of your roof can cause major problems for your home. Inspecting your roofing system regularly is very important.

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Is It Time To Replace Your Siding?

While you may not have gone around your house to check out the siding in a very long time, you should put it on your calendar for the first sunny day. It can sneak up on you and may be costing you some money. Siding does get old, crack, absorb moisture and will at some point begin to leak.

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Screen Porches

New homeowners are always looking for value and curb appeal. Screen porches can add just that. Before investing in one, be sure your screen porch is designed with thought. Most importantly, make sure your porch is built professionally.Investing in screen porches can add significant value to your home. It also will add beautiful curb appeal and make your home look that much better.

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