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PT Deck Installation Stoughton, MA

Deck Install

On this job in Stoughton, MA our crews completed a PT deck installation using pressure treated wood.

Project Overview

These homeowners needed to rehab an old failing deck. The deck wasn’t just for coming and going; it also played an essential role during their family gatherings, cook-outs, and summer entertainment. After going over different decking samples, they chose to go with regular pressure-treated wood for their installation. The decks’ staining and painting need to happen two to three months after the installation. Waiting for two to three months will ensure the pressure treated wood is dry. It is also essential to apply a new coating of stain or paint to the deck every year. Applying a fresh layer of stain or paint will help the wood’s longevity and guarantee a lasting deck for all your family gatherings and entertainment needs.

Deck Install

Job Mateirals

  • Pressure Treated Lumber
  • Joist Hangers
  • Nails

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