Replacing Their Deteriorating Wood Cedar Shingles With New Shingles!

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New Wood Cedar Shingles, Roofing, and Replacement Windows

Deteriorating wood shingles

In Kingston, MA, these homeowners were interested in replacing their deteriorating wood cedar shingles with new shingles, new replacement windows, and roofing.

Project Overview

These homeowners needed a solution to their deteriorating wood cedar shingles. In addition, they also wanted to replace their roof and windows. After going over the scope of work, it was clear the old three-tabbed roofing shingles were beginning to curl and crack. Also, the wood shingles, where the roofline meets the wall, showed signs of rot and improper flashing. The improper flashing and rapidly decaying wood shingles could cause leaking where the roofline meets the wall. As a result, we advised the homeowners that the best thing to address first is the roof and wood shingle siding. After going over different manufacturers and warranties, these homeowners chose to go with CertainTeed Landmark Pro Architectural roof shingles.

Simultaneously, as we installed the roofing and wood shingle siding, our salesman worked with these homeowners on choosing their replacement windows. They wanted a vinyl window that was aesthetically pleasing and operated with ease. These homeowners decided to go with Harvey Classic replacement windows.


Wood Cedar Shingles

Job Materials

  • CertainTeed Landmark Pro Asphalt Shingles
  • Harvey Classic Replacement Windows
  • Wood Cedar Shingles
  • Center Vent Soffit
  • Aluminum Coil

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