Roof Damage

Roof damage can cause many problems for commercial and residential building owners, property managers, and roofing contractors. Here we have highlighted four main common causes, aside from your typical storm damage, that can pose problems to your roofing system.

Lack Of Maintenance

Poor maintenance of your roof can cause major problems for your home. Inspecting your roofing system regularly is very important. Regular inspections can expose small leaks and minor damages, as well as, prevent any major repairs or replacements in the long-run.


Rain that freezes and thaws can play a major role in the damage and leaking of your roofing system. During the fall and winter seasons, temperatures begin to fluctuate drastically, creating a freezing and thawing cycle. When water builds up behind shingles, flashing or any other application on your home, it will freeze causing a break down of any seams, resulting in the leaking of your roofing system. Perform inspections after major wind and rain storms. 

Foot Traffic

Foot traffic on a roof is avoidable. Contractors will walk on a roof to do inspections, work repairs, and other installations. When roof work is performed, ask your local roofing contractor to lay down work blankets and/or walking pads to help protect the roof while work is being done.

Improper Installation

It is important to contact an experienced roofing contractor when it comes to roof replacements, installations, and repairs. Like many home improvements, roof stability and quality is of high significance and plays a major role in protecting your investment. Be sure to contact a contractor you can trust.

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