Expert Advice: When Should You Repair and When Should You Replace Your Roof?


When Should You Repair and When Should You Replace Your Roof?

Whether you decide to get, a roof repaired or replaced depends on several factors. Below, the team at Reliable Roofing, Siding, & Windows explains them.

Reasons to Get Your Roof Repaired 

Minor Damage 

Roofs in good shape with only minor damage—for example, loosened asphalt shingles or punctures made by falling branches—can often be easily repaired.

Limited Budget 

Replacing an entire roof is expensive. Targeted repairs can solve problems and extend roofs’ lives for lower labor costs.

The Architectural Integrity of Your Roof Must Be Preserved

Roofs are essential architectural elements, especially in older properties. However, they can be cost-prohibitive per square foot to replicate during roofing replacement. Repairs allow homeowners to maintain a building’s architectural integrity.

You Need a Quick Fix

Roof replacements are big jobs, so homeowners must schedule in advance. A quick roof repair is usually enough to stop a cold air or water leak and prevent further damage.

Your Roof Was Recently Replaced 

New roofs shouldn’t need replacement. Problems are typically limited to small, easily repaired areas.

When to Replace Your Roof

Your Roof Has Reached its Life Expectancy

Today’s popular asphalt shingles have a life expectancy of around 20 years. Even the most expensive roofing material eventually wears out.

If your roof is aging, the entire roof replacement cost can be cheaper in the long run than continual costly repairs.

Your Roof Is Not Compliant with Current Building Codes

Failure to conform to building codes compromises the integrity of your roof. Building codes allow only two layers of roofing shingles. After this, existing shingles must be removed and replaced with new roofing materials.

The Damage Is Extensive

As a general rule, if more than 30% of a roof is damaged, a complete roof replacement is recommended.

Your Roof Was Damaged by a Recent Storm

Natural disasters can cause extensive roof damage. For example, hurricanes rip off shingle or metal roofing or falling trees can cause damage too significant for even extensive repairs. In such cases, replacing your roof is often the only solution.

Roof Repair Would Only Be a Stopgap

Even when roofing repairs are possible, it is wise to look at the big picture before going that route. For example, if new shingles would be a stopgap measure and more substantial renovations will eventually need to be made, getting a new roof sooner rather than later will be more cost-effective in the long run.

Property Aesthetics

A building with an old or sagging roof looks neglected. Getting a new shingle roof or metal roof can be transformational while protecting the building’s interior from the elements.

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