Roofing, Siding, and Windows With Entry Doors

Roofing, Siding, and Windows With Entry Doors

before photo of roofing, siding, and windows

On this project in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, our crews installed new roofing, siding, and windows. In addition to the roofing, siding, and windows, we also installed a patio sliding door and entry door.

Project Overview

Roofing Replacement

The first task of this exterior renovation was the roofing replacement. These homeowners knew it was time to replace their roofs and were interested in a product with a good warranty. Additionally, they were looking for a product that would stand up to the ever-changing New England weather. After going over different options, these homeowners choose to install Certainteed Charcoal Black Landmark Pro Architectural shingles. These shingles offer homeowners a 50-year warranty with an additional SureStart Plus warranty when installed by a certified contractor—also known as a CertainTeed ShingleMaster.

after photo of new certainteed roofing using landmark pro architectural shingles


Window Installation

after photo of silverline new construction windows with prairie grids

Next was the replacement of windows. Specifically, these homeowners chose to install Silverline 8600 new construction windows. These windows feature prairie grids between the glass and a 3.5-inch flat exterior casing with J-channel pockets. The 3.5-inch exterior casing and J-channel pocket allow for a more straightforward installation process of the vinyl siding and savings on siding accessories. Additionally, the new construction windows provide a cleaner interior and exterior look.

Home Entry Door Installation, Patio Sliding Door and Storm Door Installation

After installing the new windows, our crews began installing the new entry, patio sliding, and storm doors. After going over different types of doors, these homeowners decided to install a ThermaTru Smooth Star entry door and a full-view Larson storm door. In addition, they also had us install an energy-star rated Silverline’s 8600 patio sliding door at the back of their home. Like the replacement windows, the priority was installing the doors before the vinyl siding. The doors also came with an exterior casing that featured integrated J-channel pockets for the vinyl siding to fit into—providing a clean exterior profile.

New ThermaTru entry Door

Home Siding Installation and New Gutters

Finally, it was time for the home siding installation and new gutters. Before our crews installed the windows and doors, our team stripped the old wood shingle and clapboard from home. Then, we applied Tyvek to the outside of the house that overlapped the window openings. This installation method is standard for complete exterior renovations to ensure all gaps are weather and airtight. After installing the windows and doors, we sealed all nailing flanges with protecto wrap.

Next, our crews began installing the 6” PVC corner boards and new vinyl siding. Specifically, the vinyl siding these homeowners chose was Certainteed Charcoal Gray D4 Monogram vinyl siding. The siding offers durable and thick siding panels, providing extra strength. Additionally, these homeowners liked Certainteed’s 100% non-prorated warranty. In addition to the 100% non-prorated warranty, Certainteed offers a 50-year prorated warranty for new homeowners that purchase the home. Lastly, we finished this complete exterior renovation by installing new 5” white residential seamless gutters and downspouts.

Job Material List

  • Certainteed Landmark Pro Architectural Shingles — Charcoal Black
  • Certainteed D4 Monogram Vinyl Siding — Charcoal Gray
  • 6” PVC Corners
  • ThermaTru Smooth Star Entry Door
  • Silverline New Construction Windows
  • Silverline 8600 Patio Door
  • Larson Full-view Storm Door

Before and After Photo Gallery

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