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Structure Home Insulation Siding Installation

These Mansfield, Massachusetts, homeowners wanted to give their home’s exterior a total makeover. After considering several options for siding materials, they chose Mastic Structure Insulated Siding. 

Vinyl Siding That Improves Energy Efficiency

With Mastic Insulated vinyl siding, these homeowners will feel cozy and comfortable all winter long – even when the temperatures dip! Not only does this home siding solution provide an added layer of insulation for extra protection against extreme climates. It has also been tested & approved by International Energy Conservation Code and EnergyStar. In addition, its 1 ¼” thick breathable foam material also helps reduce exterior noise. Allowing these homeowners to enjoy their peace at home without interruption from outside distractions.

Increased Performance and Better Quality

When these homeowners were looking for better performance from their siding, they discovered Mastic’s Structure Home Insulation System. It had the HangToughTM Technology with an exclusive formulation that made it more resilient to cracking, impact, and thermal distortion – pretty incredible! 

What sold them was the EPS foam that acted as a shock absorber behind each panel. Its resistance increased up to 300% compared with other vinyl siding products. With greater protection against hail storms, strong winds, and freezing temperatures, these folks felt confident that their insulated sidings would stand up well over time.

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V.I.P Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lastly, when these homeowners chose the Structure Home Insulation Siding, they received a beautiful installation and a product backed by a V.I.P Limited Lifetime Warranty! 

Specifically, Mastic cover’s everything from manufacturing defects to hail damage as long as you own your home, and the warranty is even transferable if you sell in the future. In addition, these homeowners liked that Mastic products are third-party tested for quality assurance. This quality assurance guarantees color retention, consistency across all surfaces, impact strength & wind resistance, too. No need to worry about weathering or wear over time! 

Now, these homeowners can enjoy savings on monthly energy bills with comfort, knowing that Mastic’s Structure Home Insulation Siding is one of the most intelligent siding options available today in 2023!

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