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The home improvement industry’s worth $425 billion and for good reason. 64.3% of Americans are homeowners, which means over 200 million people have some home improvement experience.

While bathrooms, kitchens, and windows may be common projects, things like siding installation hold equal value. Exterior upgrades can take priority for two reasons. They withstand daily weathering and they’re the first thing you see.

Like any home upgrade, projects have their own technology. Siding aims to protect the home. To do so, it must work alongside the home’s fascia, soffit, downspout, shutters, and gutters.

If you’re considering new siding, you’ll want to know about the siding installation process. Here’s what to know.

When to Get New Siding

Siding is a home’s armor. It’s the silent hero that cushions, insulates, and deflects external weathering from entering your home. It’s a foundational shield. 

In Massachusetts, siding braves freezing, wet, and warm climates, making it that much more important. If you seek siding information, it’s likely you’re experiencing the following symptoms:

Since siding’s a silent protector, having damaged panels can amplify your discomfort in the home without even knowing it. If you have high energy bills and rotting spots outside, they’re likely connected.

The good news is, you don’t have to be your own detective. Siding contractors can help you locate the root of the problem and aid your siding replacement process. Your symptoms are likely informed by the following things:

  1. Siding material
    • Vinyl, fiber cement, metal or aluminum, and wood are common options
  2. Age of home
  3. Last replacement

Depending on your siding’s material, a quality job should last decades. Reliable Roofing, Siding & Windows can also offer stone facades and composite siding to match different style homes.

Siding Installation

Once you know your preferences, the siding contractors will prepare the space for installation. Here’s what to expect for the siding installation process. 

1. Remove Old Siding

Upon removing potted plants, lights, and any interferences, the old siding gets scraped off. The removal process lets the contractors inspect the condition of the wall beneath it.

2. Examine Wall

The wall should be free of asbestos, water, rot, and structural compromises. If anything unexpected presents itself, your contractors will give you options around how to proceed.

3. Fit Panels

Once the panels get measured and mapped out, installation can happen. The colors and style you choose can revamp your whole home experience.

4. Layer Panels

The panel placement can inform a smooth finishing look. Depending on your siding material, the panels can overlap to look blended together.

The top and bottom rows will connect the siding to the rest of the house, good as new!

Revamp the Home With Siding Replacement 

Siding installation’s a smart and simple way to upgrade the home’s look and feel. It’s called siding but it gives the home substance. 

Exterior home improvements force a connection between it and the interior. For that alone, it’s a worthwhile experience.

Siding’s a home’s staple—it’s what gives it its look. So contact us today for a free estimate to see how we can get your siding up to snuff!

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