The Benefits Of Argon Gas: Replacements and New Construction Windows

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What Are The Benefits Of Argon Gas In Windows?

How Argon Gas Will Benefit You

Argon Gas is a non-toxic and odorless gas that is in between two panes of glass. Furthermore, the gas acts as an insulator to the glass, increasing the window’s energy efficiency. Additionally, the gas prevents frost from forming at the bottom of the glass and provides soundproofing characteristics. Moreover, this is now a standard in replacement and new construction windows, usually required by state building codes. These gas’s play a vital role when replacing and installing new construction windows in today’s homes and provide an essential component to making your home energy star rated. In addition, like every product or material, though this has pros and cons.

Pro's and Con's Of Argon Gas

One advantage to argon is the R-values. R-values are the thermal resistance value. The higher the number, the more efficient the window is. Another advantage is it provides soundproofing characteristics as well as blocks ultraviolet rays. Additionally, Argon can reduce the chances of condensation and frost forming on your replacement windows and never corrode a window. Moreover, the gas will work in all climates allowing homeowners to benefit all year round. Lastly, in-home heating and cooling systems can perform more efficiently when the gas are present inside a window.

A con about Argon is that manufacturers need to ensure that the sealing of the windows is correct to prevent any gas from leaking down the road. Furthermore, once the window unit loses most of its gas, homeowners will begin to see condensation build up inside the window, indicating seal failure.

Ultimately, homeowners can benefit from the energy efficiency and the cost savings that argon gas offers.

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